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These gifts and awards are so greatly appreciated and treasured. We are honored that you deem our humble site worthy. We will therefore give God all the Glory and Honor and Praise His Holy Name that He has used our efforts to bring a Blessing to you.

This is truly an honor. We wish to thank Mr. Mom for this display of love and friendship. Just knowing that we have in some small way touched your heart makes this a blessing indeed. I hope that you will click on this award and visit with Mr. Mom. He has an awesome site and we know that you will be blessed as you feel the Holy Spirit moving within his pages.


I wish to thank Bro. Mack and Marsie for this lovely Lifting Up Jesus Award. We have become dear friends and although we have never met personally I have come to appreciate them so much. I am humbled to receive this and ask that you visit their awesome site.

I would also like to thank Bro. Mack and Marsie for the KJV Bible Only Award. There are many versions of the Bible but there is only one version of the truth. Anything apart from that is a lie. God promised to leave His Holy Word here and this is it.

This beautiful Site Award came as a total surprise and I am so pleased and honored to receive it. I hope that you will take some time and visit with the Fletcher's. They are sweet spirited people and I know that you will enjoy your visit and meeting them.. Thank you Glyn, for this and May you be Blessed for your kindness.



Song is: "Jesus is Right for Whatever's Wrong in your Life"
Sung by: Jim Keeling


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